Bishan Dimo / Ethiopia

Bishan Dimo / Ethiopia

Melon / Black Cherry / Semisweet Chocolate

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Faysel A. Yonis was born into a coffee-producing family and enjoyed the rich traditions of Ethiopian coffee culture at a young age. He fervently recalls the coffee tree looming over their front yard and the daily coffee ceremonies performed by his mother. His father, Abdosh Yonis, owned two farms near the Chelenko village. Faysel started to harbor an interest in the coffee market in the late 90s. He became a representative of coffee farmers by introducing and channeling their coffee to the local market. A decade of experience gave Faysel enough confidence to start his own company: Testi Trading PLC, a company dedicated to sourcing specialty coffee within Ethiopia.

Coffee Profile

 Flavor Notes: Lime / Peach / Honeydew
Farm Name: Faysel & Hakime Yonis
Region: Harrar, Ethiopia
Varieties: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Washed

Coffee Bio

This coffee perfectly captures everything we like to highlight in an Ethiopian coffee. This particular lot is one of the most lime-forward washed coffees we have ever encountered, and with a nice juicy body all the way to the end. With summer right around the corner, this bright, floral coffee is a very welcome addition to our seasonal line-up!