Meet Kermit Graber / Director of Sales

by Angela Vogt

June 17, 2016

 We are happy to introduce a new member of the Spyhouse team!

Meet Kermit Graber, Director of Sales.


The ritual of coffee weaves its way into my life on many levels, from observing a coffee drinking family, working as a barista, to continually finding passion in all aspects of coffee culture. I remember vividly, as a child watching my family open a can of what was probably low quality coffee, and being infatuated by the smell of the ground beans. That appreciation for the simple act of spending time with one another over a cup of coffee is embedded into my being.

As Director of Sales for Spyhouse Coffee Roasters, I am ready to continue the company's commitment to passionate coffee production while supporting and building relationships at every level of this industry. My background leads me to approach coffee as an art form. One that is always evolving and inspired through levels of mastery and exploration. I'm excited about diving into the continual learning process and creative curiosities which stem from the history of Spyhouse. 

I look forward to working with you and celebrating all things coffee!

Kermit Graber

Director of Sales
Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

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